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We cultivate beauty, we export emotions.

The company

Neapolitan Flower

Our company tells a tradition that spans five decades. Although our brand is young, we proudly inherit a culture of flower cultivation passed down through three generations. For over 50 years, our parents have cultivated not only flowers but a passion that runs in the roots of our land.

In 2022, with the desire to carry on this floral legacy, we gave life to Neapolitan Flower. A brand that aims to narrate the love and dedication that has been passed down from parents to children for half a century.

 Welcome to our company, where tradition blossoms in every petal, and the culture of cultivation is a testament to the love for nature passed down from generation to generation.

Welcome to the heart of our company, where sunflowers take center stage. Each variety is meticulously selected, providing exclusive details on the dimensions, colors, and growth peculiarities of each flower. With our focus on excellence, we aim to meet market demands by offering high-quality flowers with a distinctive touch.

Our company is born at the foothills of Mount Vesuvius. The volcanic soil, rich in nutrients and minerals, becomes the essential nourishment for our flowers, imparting them with extraordinary robustness and vitality. Vesuvius, the guardian of our land, provides us with fertile ground that is reflected in the magnificence of our products. Sunflowers, in particular, benefit from the unique soil composition. Each flower becomes a silent witness to the profound connection between our company and the strength of the surrounding nature.

Although not currently featured in the catalog, our company stands out for a wide range of flowers, with over 50 varieties rotating based on seasons. This targeted diversification enables us to offer a constantly updated selection in line with market demands. Each species is carefully chosen to ensure quality and variety, allowing us to meet our customers' demands throughout the year. We will update the catalog as we introduce different cultivations. Meanwhile, explore our offerings and the flexibility of our production designed to adapt to the changing seasonal preferences of the industry.

From sowing to harvest


Our sunflower production is an intricate and meticulous process that begins with careful consideration in selecting the seeds. Each year, we meticulously choose varieties that will thrive in our volcanic soil at the foothills of Mount Vesuvius. From sowing to the emergence of the first sprouts, we follow each phase with dedication, ensuring the right amount of sunlight, water, and nutrients.

The harvest, conducted manually by expert farmers, is a crucial moment where each flower is carefully selected to ensure maximum freshness and quality. The result is a collection of sunflowers that carry not only visual beauty but also the story of care and dedication that accompanied them from seed to harvest.

The seed selection


After the complex cultivation period, the time for harvest arrives. Sunflowers are carefully examined by expert farmers. Each flower undergoes a selection process that includes an assessment of size, shape, and vitality.

Only the first-choice flowers, those that meet our high-quality standards, are carefully harvested and prepared for the market. A second selection occurs during packaging to avoid the presence of damaged flowers. This process ensures that only the most beautiful and fresh sunflowers reach our customers. Meticulous selection is the key to offering a collection of sunflowers distinguished for their beauty and longevity, bringing the freshness of our fields directly to your displays.

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