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Neapolitan Flower

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Neapolitan Flower, a young company with a long tradition of passion for flower cultivation.

Welcome to our company, Neapolitan Flower, where our story is woven with a passion for flower cultivation. Located at the foothills of Mount Vesuvius, our volcanic soil is the life force that fuels our floral production. Founded by my father, Francesco Cangianiello, a seasoned flower cultivator, our company is the result of a family tradition passed down through generations.

Domenico Cangianiello


Quality above all else!

Today, Francesco and his son Domenico proudly carry on the family tradition at Neapolitan Flower, offering a selection of high-quality flowers.
Supported by a dedicated team of expert cultivators and sales professionals, the goal is to take the company to new levels of excellence.


With a production that embraces over 50 species of sunflowers, we take pride in presenting a unique and high-quality variety, a continuous cycle that unfolds with care and attention throughout the year.


We cultivate various varieties of Dianthus barbatus, known as sweet william, along with other floral species and ornamental plants, including Viburnum tinus Macrophyllum.

Ornamental Greenery

Welcome to our dedicated section on ornamental greenery, where elegance and beauty blend in a harmonious play of shapes and colors. A distinctive note with an aromatic embrace.

Our Partners

Our selection of partners is the result of careful consideration, focused on quality and reliability. We collaborate with companies that share our values of excellence and dedication, ensuring our customers a complete and satisfying experience. We proudly present our valuable partners, contributing together to build a world of floral beauty and uncompromising quality.

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